About Me

Tainá was born in Nova Marabá, in Pará, Brazil’s second largest state. It was here that she grew up, proud of the indigenous lineage that she inherited from both her parents. She has lived “in many places in Brazil”, something that she believes has been decisive in forging her multiple acculturation and has brought her into contact with a wide variety of “accents”. However, she almost feels like asserting that music has always been her “true home”.

It is quite astonishing to discover that everything that Tainá sings on her first album (with two co-authorships along the way) has been composed, written, designed and, above all, felt by just one person. And that’s not all: For someone who is now attracting the limelight and bringing out her first album, she has managed to achieve, first time round, something that others strive a lifetime for.

With a sweetness that is disruptive and a “peripheral vision” of her world(s), Tainá does not run away from her realities, nor does she fake the loneliness, the contradictions, the yearnings, the impulses, the desires, that are common to all people, but that not everyone can express in this way. It is clear, from what we have before us, that this artist who is now so close will grow, and a lot.